We believe homelessness should be an experience for people, not a way of life. We can help.

What we do

Loretto's work in homelessness dates back to 1993 with the closing of the Great Eastern Hotel.

This allowed Loretto to create five resettlement services providing housing and support to up to 60 men.

Having built an excellent reputation for our work with the complex needs associated with homelessness, Loretto, in 2003, began decommissioning of a further two large-scale male hostels in Glasgow.

This resulted in:

  • a further six resettlement services
  • one large scale outreach housing support service
  • a city-wide Alcohol Outreach service
  • and a complex needs, on-site housing support and care at home service.

Our successful track record in Glasgow led to Loretto securing work with purchasers of services associated with homelessness in South Lanarkshire, Falkirk, Stirling and Renfrewshire.

“Staff here are always very responsive to issues we raise. Staff act on things very quickly. We’re very lucky to be independent.”


We offer homelessness services at…

Renfrewshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council

South Lanarkshire Council

Stirling Council

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